About Us


Everyday Heroes Foundation is a Michigan based 501-3c created to inspire a community to come together to help those in need.  Our reach expands from helping our first responders and military families, providing camp scholarships for Juvenile Diabetes Camp MIDICHA, as well as our Big Heart Movement that fights for those in need in Metro Detroit.

Making a Difference

Ever wonder where the money you donate to an organization goes?  Us too.  Everyday Heroes Foundation is funded by our people for our people.  Every dollar we raise goes back into the community.  Want to know where?  Just ask us.  Or better yet come join us on a mission and see for yourself!

We cannot do it without YOU!

Everyday Heroes Foundation has supported our community for over 10 years because of the help of all of you.  We cannot do anything without our people.  Whether its donating funds, organizing fundraisers, sorting donations, serving food, or making a kid smile by sending them to camp.  We are forever grateful for all of our EVERYDAY HEROES.  Be a hero today!